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Indians celebrate:

Diwali is celebrated with lights such as candles. It is celebrated for the return of Ram ( a god ) he was sent to the forest for a few years.
He also had to defeat the demon Ravan in Lanka before he could return because he had kidnapped his wife.
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Holi is the festival of colours.It is celebrated because a boy was taken in fire by force with his aunty that was unable to burn.
But when theywent in the fire the opposite thing happened. The boy didn't get burnt but the aunty did. She was burnt because
she was evil and god took away her powers but the boy was still praying to god so he didn't get burnt.

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Ramnoami is celebrated for Rama's birthday.

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Shivratri is celebrated for lord Shiva's birthday.

Krishna Janamastymi

Krishna Janam-Astymi is the celebration of krishna's birthday. It is celebrated for eight days. On the eight days you have to
be vegeterian that includes no eggs because indians believe eggs aren't vegeterian. You have to go to prayers everyday normally
starting at 7:30pm-9:00pm. Krishna was born at 7:45pm. Some people that hevn't eaten salt do something called Hawan. It starts
of with a fire then you pour something called ghee after a mantar(a veiw words of of prayer). The women can also dancearound the
statue of Krishna on a swing. Swung by a little girl.

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-Raksha Bandan
Raksha Bandan is brothers and sisters day. We celebrate this day by the sister tying a Rakhi (a type of bracelet)
to their brother and they give each other a gift. They do this because indians believe that when you do this
brother's get the strength to protect their sisters from evil spirits and the Rakhi protects the brother.
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This is my cultures flag

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Filipino christmas lantern
Filipino christmas lantern
We celebrate with this lantern for Jesus christ.Birthdays- We have a feats of rosted pigs and if it is a birthday for kids we have lots of games and prizes.Christmas- We exchange gifts and have a big party.